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A New Year, A New Decade…And A Blue Moon!!

New Year's Eve 2009-2010 will bring us a Blue Moon {the second Full Moon in a month}….something that only happens once every 2.7 years…..hence the phrase, "Once in a blue moon…"

An actual blue-colored moon occurs when there are large amounts of smoke or dust particles in the air.  It's a rare event and will NOT be the case for tomorrow's 'Blue' Moon.  

A great way to start a new year/new decade!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

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“Without The Right Brain, There Could Be No Idea; Without The Left Brain, The Idea Could Not Be Explained…” ~Ronald H. Bailey

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The Return Of The Smooth Operator: Sade’s New Single – “Soldier Of Love”

She’s Back!! 🙂

Here’s the new track, “Soldier Of Love”:

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