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HAPPY 2011!! “For Last Year’s Words Belong To Last Year’s Language. And Next Year’s Words Await Another Voice. And To Make An End Is To Make A Beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

Happy #Festivus!! In The Grand Spirit Of, ‘The Airing Of Grievances’: Craig Ferguson’s, “Why Everything Sucks” {VIDEO}

2010 Winter Solstice Total #Eclipse Of The #Moon As Viewed From Mexico City {IMAGE-Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images}

“Tablet Evolution”, Presented by #Motorola {VIDEO}

The Tablets Are Coming…And Perhaps Honeycomb Will Change The Game.

Let’s Hope…

“WikiLeaks Is To The Government What Napster Was To The Record Industry. ~ Moe Arora

“Facts About Life” INFOGRAPHIC by

The Weekly Evolution Of The Working Man {IMAGE}