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Tumblr’s Coming Of Age…

Tumblr is experiencing PHENOMENAL growth. What does that growth mean for the future of blogs?

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What Tumblr’s Success Means For The Future Of Blogs, Twitter


According to numbers dug up by Mashable, microblogging newcomer Tumblr has just surpassed the 20.7 million blogs hosted by WordPress–explosive growth since it only hosted around 7 million blogs as recently as January. Exponential growth like this means it’s probably just the beginning of many record-breaking events.

WordPress, like peer Drupal, has the air of a “professional” blog-hosting site, compared with other offerings like Blogger, because it has extensive controls and complexity, it takes a little getting used to, and is used by a wide range of professional companies to host their sites. Tumblr is much simpler, with more limited range for customization and complexity, and only recently included the ability to add comments. With its emphasis on short, pithy posts, and habitual use as a photo-publishing and social-sharing site, Tumblr posts are more closely related to Twitter feeds than professional, hefty, WordPress sites.

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