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“Advertising Is The Price You Pay For Having An Unremarkable Product Or Service.” Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

I ♥ this quote, and I have read many. People in the advertising industry really need to realize (finally) that people DO NOT like advertising. Period.

Advertising will not go away completely, but is in the beginning stage of an interesting transformation which blurs the lines of every day life/media consumption/cultural nuances more than ever before and perhaps being much more permission-based than ever before (goodbye 60 & 30 second commercials).

It’s about time.

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:( So Much For #StarTrek Part 2; Death Star Destroys Enterprise :)

LOL, this video was well-done….don’t mess with Darth Vader!

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Beastie Adam Horovitz: “I Discovered LL Cool J.” Interview


Great 4-part interview on’s Soft Focus show.

Adam Horovitz breaks down Beastie Boys, hip-hop, reggae, punk music, NYC, LL Cool J/Rick Rubin, and his one-time man-love for the lead singer of Creed (?), amongst other interesting topics.

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“TV is Chewing Gum for the Eyes.” ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Keep It Real, Know The 5 Elements!!

A great video report by MTV documenting the 5 Elements of Hip Hop:


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Sweet Sunday Morning Jazz: Allen Toussaint’s ‘Keys To New Orleans’ Concert Webcast

Jazzmaster Allen Toussaint’s great ‘Keys to New Orleans’ full concert webcast on, perfect for a Sunday morning (or anytime, LOL) wih a cup of café….

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She’s in ♥ with a Robot! NEW Röyksopp MP3

The new Röyksopp single, “The Girl And The Robot”.

Cool Norwegian electro meets Kylie Minogue-style pop….enjoy!

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