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“You Are Not More Influential Because You Tweet Or Use Facebook More, You Are Influential Because You Have An Influential Audience Engaging With Your Content.”

Inspiration, Thy Name Is Fauja Singh. {AP Photo, Canadian Press; Chris Young}

Centenarian Fauja Singh crosses the finish line in a 100 meter race for centenarians in Toronto, Thursday Oct. 13, 2011. One-hundred-year-old Singh, originally from India now living in London, England,  completed Toronto's Waterfront Marathon on Sunday, October 16, 2011. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: And You Thought They Weren’t Real?! {PIC}


Media traditionally have been focused on pushing content to a fairly limited range of predictable situations and use cases: drive time, breakfast or commute with a newspaper, prime-time living room TV. The forms these media take generally acknowledge and are shaped by those contexts of reception. In a world where media contexts are fully fluid, then the models for imagining and making new media are flipped. Now we don’t just push the same media out into every nook and cranny. The real promise here is not in distribution, but in contextual innovation. We start with the place, the situation and imagine how all kinds of media can make the experience richer. How can any moment and place be turned into a theme park? ” ~Steve Smith, ‘Wherever You Are, That’s The Place To Be’, Mobile Insider on

” MADISON AVENUE claims that the annual Advertising Week in New York is like New York Fashion Week for smart people. The fashionable set counters that Advertising Week is like Fashion Week for ugly people. ” ~ Stuart Elliot, The New York Times