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5 Levels Of ” Inception ” {INFOGRAPHIC} {INFO By CinemaBlend; GRAPHIC By}

♫Love, Love, Love; Love, Love, Love; Love, Love, LoveThere’s Nothing You Can Do That Can’t Be Done.Nothing You Can Sing That Can’t Be Sung.Nothing You Can Say But You Can Learn How To Play The Game.It’s Easy.There’s Nothing You Can Make That Can’t Be Made.No One You Can Save That Can’t Be Saved.Nothing You Can Do But You Can Learn How To Be YouIn Time-It’s Easy.ALL YOU NEED IS LOVEALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – LOVELOVE IS ALL YOU NEED…♫

“If Successful, This Would Further Embed Facebook Into The Lives Of Its Users And Could Hold Off What Appears to Be A Declining Interest In The Service By Making It New And Fresh Again,” Said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst At Enderle Group. “Depends How Successful This Is. But, Assuming Success, FourSquare Likely Becomes Redundant Over Time.”I Could Not Disagree More. So, FourSquare Will Become Redundant Like Twitter Became Redundant Once Facebook Applied The Status Update? Ok, Right. Su

” Patience Is The Companion Of Wisdom ” ~ St. Augustine

Do ‘We Hold This Truth To Be Self Evident, That All *CONTENT* Is Created Equal…’ ?!

” A Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Walk Out. “– Deepak Sharma

Don’t Be Dismayed At Goodbyes. A Farewell Is Necessary Before You Can Meet Again. And Meeting Again, After Moments Or Lifetime, Is Certain For Those Who Are Friends. ~Richard Bach