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ESPN Previews Holographic Technology For Spring 2010 Use {VIDEO}


” ESPN’s 30th Anniversary is on the horizon, and who better to talk about ESPN overall – past, present and future – than some of our own ESPN veterans?

Longtime SportsCenter anchor Bob Ley joined fellow veteran anchor Chris Berman, and long-time employee Chuck Pagano, (Executive VP, Technology) via virtual reality for a groundbreaking demonstration in this morning’s session at the ESPN Media Workshop. It was the first time a display of this new technology has been seen by the public, as the debut is slated for next spring.

The demonstration vividly illustrates just how far ESPN has come in the past 30 years, from a small cable network working out of a remote production truck to a now well-known Worldwide Leader in Sports entertainment. You can’t help but wonder just how far ESPN will go in the next 30 years.

Back in 1979, technology was limited, and cable television itself was a relatively new thing. It was nearly all experimental at the time, and it was being figured out as ESPN came onto the scene.

“No one knew what cable TV was, how it happened, or why it happened, but it did.” — Chris Berman

Berman and Ley cited two pivotal moments when they felt confident in ESPN’s ability to live in the cable television arena with longevity.

Ley recalls Johnny Carson mentioning ESPN’s coverage of Australian Rules Football in a monologue on his show in 1981. To Ley, it was huge. It clearly meant that people were watching to see what we had to offer, and they liked it.

Berman felt that when ESPN began covering the NFL Draft in 1987, it was a sign that we were here to stay.

And stay we did. Throughout the 1980s ESPN continued to grow along with the cable industry, and with sporting events from Australian Rules Football – which Berman characterizes as “organized mayhem” – to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, ESPN is now a staple in sports fans’ lives.

However, times are changing, as are viewers’ expectations for what they will see. As ESPN looks ahead at what the next 30 years might hold, technology remains key.

“The Business will be changing. Things like higher quality and bigger displays at home for viewing, social interactivity and 3D television will change our viewing habits. New technology puts you in the game, and we want to be the leaders there. Whatever the consumer wants, we’re here to give it to them.” – Chuck Pagano

Virtual reality is just the tip of the iceberg, and ESPN believes the sky is the limit. While good journalism is important and a basic component of what ESPN does, all journalism needs to have an entertainment portion to get people to tune in and stay there. With the 2010 World Cup in the works, ESPN wants to bring remote production to a whole new level. Technology such as virtual reality, HD and 3D are seen as tools to help not only entice viewers with a better quality viewing experience, but to enhance the stories being told.

It’s this type of thinking outside the box and looking toward the future that has contributed to ESPN’s growth through the past 30 years. It will continue to shape how we grow long into our future, as we expand domestically and globally.

While ESPN has grown so tremendously since its inception in 1979, the feeling within the company, from new employees to long-time veterans such as Berman, Ley and Pagano, is a healthy, realistic view of ESPN’s role in the cable and sports industries.

“We’re learning as we go still, and we don’t know all the answers … but we’re looking to find them. We aim to stay ahead of things, be honest with the fans and tell them what they want to know. It’s the best we can do.” – Chris Berman “

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GScreen’s Dual-Screen Spacebook Coming Soon(ish)

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” This is one of the first photos of an actual gScreen’s dual 15.4-inch screen Spacebook—two full screens (not just an extra 10-inch one like Lenovo’s W700. Really. There were renders before, but here are the photos.

The Alaska based company, started by Gordon Stewart (yep, that is where the G in gScreen comes from), is aiming its dual screen laptops at professional designers, filmmakers, photographers and really anyone who can’t live without a dual screen for everyday productivity. They have also been in talks with the military. The chassis (which we expect is at least 12 pounds) is built around the 15.4 inch screen (though the first units that come to market will have 16-inch or 17-inch screens) and its twin, identically sized screen slides out from behind the first using a uniquely designed sliding mechanism. “

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Sweet Soccer / Basketball Mashup: Adidas Garnett x Chelsea Football Club

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” Man has long combined sports to ratchet up the excitement: swimmers brought a volleyball into the pool and gave the world water polo, while hippies brought a Frisbee onto the golf course and gave the world yet another reason to hit them with clubs. Combining sports to clothe you, the Adidas Garnett x Chelsea TS Commander LT.

Celebrating his love of Chelsea soccer, basketball, and anything else he can get super intense about, KG’s teamed up with CFC, Adidas, and that-sneaker-spot-with-the-fake-drink-machine-door to release a new limited edition commemorative collab pack combining two of The Big Ticket’s utmost passions, leaving one when he’ll finally incorporate chasing Jose Calderon around the back court. Shoewise, the hi-top Commander rocks a split suede upper in iconic Chelsea royal blue/white w/ three fat stripes and yellow accents, a herringbone outsole, shock-absorbing midsole laser-etched with a soccer ball pattern, and the team’s traditional lion crest embossed on the tongue, which feels totally different than just using Altoids. In addition to the kicks, the pack also’s got an official replica royal blue CFC jersey w/ Samsung logo across the front and KG’s name/number “5” on the back, and a traditional blue/yellow team scarf with the Chelsea crest on one side and scripted “Bodega” on the other….”

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Art Made of McDonald’s Happy Meal Paper Bags, by Yuken Teruya

In Yuken Teruya’s ‘Notice – Forest’ series, paper bags are used to create pieces of art, not only using the paper bag as the work of art, but also as the display. In his words:

” I cut out one side of disposable paper bags. Then I assemble a tree from the cut-out-part, stand each tree in the same bag that it came from. When you see it under the natural light, the delicate tree shows inside a paper bag, shows us the strength and the proof of existence of living tree. “

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Nothing earth-shattering here, but it is always interesting to see what a mainstream media site lists as ’50 Best’. Interesting ommissions: Twine, Plaxo, Netvibes, LinkedIn, Scribd, Slideshare, Posterous, FourSquare and Friendfeed….

Here is the list:

{For the full-detailed list, simply click on ‘ ‘ link under photo.}

California Coastline
Boing Boing
Academic Earth
Fora TV
Shop Goodwill
Property Shark
Internet Archive
Pandora and
Get High Now
Know Your Meme

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Long-Awaited Trailer From James Cameron’s December 2009 Release, “Avatar”.


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What If Social Media Sites Were University Students? By ~elontirien on deviantART

Great Illustration by elontirien on deviantArt which illustrates what social media sites would be like if they were university students. The YouTube character is really ‘FTW’….LOL

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