“The Strategy Of Social Gurus” ~ @JDeragon

Here is the sweet nugget, the money shot:

” The essential difference between knowledge and information is that people will use information to feed themselves while those who use and create knowledge feed a crowd. “

The social gurus are now propagating the need for “social strategies” but few seem to be addressing the real issues about why organizational strategies fail. It reminds me of the early days of the “Quality Movement”. Who could say that quality wasn’t important? No one. Yet not one really understood what it took to create lasting quality.

I recently saw a video from one of the well-known social celebrities discussing the need for alternative organizational strategies with a well-known research analyst. The emphasis of the dialog was about empowering employees. While the dialog was interesting it represents an accident looking for a place to happen.

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One response to ““The Strategy Of Social Gurus” ~ @JDeragon

  1. Hi Jolyn, what Jay is referring to is the principle of information vs. knowledge and how most ‘gurus’ give information to the masses, when they should be giving knowledge. Big difference between the two.

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