Trending Google Search Topic: ” HOW DO I DELETE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT “

” ADOTAS – Google, you always know what I’m thinking! Or perhaps I let you do my thinking for me… Anyhow, ReadWriteWeb discovered that when a user types in the words “how do I” into the Google search box, the fifth entry on the drop down list of suggestions is “how do I delete my Facebook account” (right after “how do I love thee” and “how do I get a passport,” proving that Shakespeare and trying to get the hell out of your country are still more popular).

When I inserted “how do I” on my own Google toolbar, deleting a Facebook account actually came up beneath “how do I breathe lyrics”; as someone who listens to the radio about as often as I lactate, I discovered this was a song by R&B singer Mario, who begs the question “How do I breathe when you’re not by my side?” I suggest listening to the instructions at the beginning of Bush’s “Machinehead.” You know, Liz Phair also had a breathing problem a few years back — must be a lot of asthma in the music industry. ”

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