Surf’s Up: Daredevil Photographer Captures Monster 8-Foot Wave Just Moments Before It Crashes To Shore

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” This breathtaking picture captures the seconds before a daring surfer is engulfed by a monster wave.
The spectacular shot was taken by surfer-turned-photographer Clark Little, who captured the incredible scene on Ke Iki beach, in Hawaii.
The massive shorebreak was more than 10ft tall but luckily the surfer survived unscathed.

Such shorebreaks, caused when a wave hits the shallow water at the sand, are powerful enough to drag down unsuspecting surfers and have been known to cause neck and back injuries as it breaks.
But Mr Little, from Oahu, Hawaii, is not afraid to jump into the water to capture the incredible power of the ocean on camera.
The 40-year-old, who has been a photographer for just two years, leans on his 35 years’ surfing experience to knows when to be in the right place at the right time.

His efforts can involve actually getting into the waves themselves, which can be up to 5ft high.
Mr Little uses a Nikon camera, which is protected with a waterproof housing and takes pictures at nine frames per second.
While taking the pictures seems fraught with danger, the father-of-two says that he knows the ocean and his limits.

He said: ‘I just use my surfing experience and go in the waves.
‘I love the feeling of getting into the waves, I am addicted to shooting the shorebreaks but you need to know your limits and the ocean.’ “

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2 responses to “Surf’s Up: Daredevil Photographer Captures Monster 8-Foot Wave Just Moments Before It Crashes To Shore

  1. OMG… thats a monster wave! he had about 1-2 seconds to get that pic… hats off to surf photog..

  2. No doubt. An amazing picture. I ♥ it. I can look at it so many times-I guess that is what defines a great pic.

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