Lil’ Wayne Says Kobe, I Say Kobe! Lakers – Magic

Tonight the NBA Finals begin and it looks like a classic matchup.  Kobe Bryant and the Lakers I believe will take the series in 7 games.  Dwight Howard and the Magic are a great team, with a great coach (Stan Van Gundy), but I just believe that the best player in basketball will not lose.  Barring any injuries, I just can't see Kobe getting this far and losing to a young Magic team.  
Dwight Howard is a monster in the paint.  Patrick Ewing has done a tremendous job of coaching the Big Man.  As a team, in my opinion, the Orlando Magic are more cohesive.  Rashard Lewis and Hedo Türkoglu benefit tremendously from The Big Man's presence in the paint.  However, Kobe and Lamar Odom is a better tandem than Howard and Lewis; the Lakers' Bigs (Odom, Gasol, Bynum + Ariza) have tremendous length and should work well as a team against Howard.  Derek Fisher will be key, as he always has been clutch in past playoff performances.  
What's interesting is that the Orlando Magic won both regular season matchups.  I won't be surprised if the series has some blowout games by the Magic-people forget that many of the 'classic' NBA 7-game series had blowouts during the course of the 7 games.  What makes the series classic is that they make it to a 7th game, and this series looks to do that.  Lakers in 7.  

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